SUN – PLUG Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverters are very perfect for Hybrid Solar system. It has inbuilt sine wave inverter, a PWM solar charger and mains SMPS charger in a single unit. It is specially designed to keep battery healthy for longer time period for the minimization of electrical power, it uses optimum utilization of solar power with the technology of interactive solar charging with grid. Other features are it is facilitated with high surge power starting critical loads, simple and easy handling with high reliability. Another significant point is its very low ‘ no load current’ SUN PLUG Modified Sine Wave Solar Inverters perform adequate for general home lighting and computer use. These inverters have wide input range of 120V to 279V in inverter mode or 180V to 260Vin UPS mode for computer compatible. This can be selected by soft On/Off switch at the front panel. The charging current and algorithm is designed for prolonged battery life. These Inverters features solar charging with PWM solar charge controller in built. User can get the benefit of both the solar energy and mains utility whichever is available. Some of the models have Interactive solar charging where a main charging is automatically adjusted giving preference to the solar current.


High surge power of starting of critical losds
Pure sine wave output ensures failure free operation of Load.
100% short circuit protection
Efficiency greater than 90%
Perfect design, Easy Installation
PWM MOSFET based solar charge controller and inverter and Ac charger.
Highly Economic and reliable.
Interactive Solar Charging with Grid Power
SMPS based Mains charger
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