As the World is running short of energy resources, we have to find the alternative sources of energy. And what else can be better than the SOLAR ENERGY.
The SUN is the precious gift of the nature. It is the ultimate source of energy, everlasting and ever efficient.
Let's take the advantage of amazing technology of Evacuated Tube Collector i.e. vacuum tubes to get the heat from the Sun in solar water heating system.
M. M. Solar bring to you this newest technology which is being used worldwide for heating the water.
ETC based solar water heating systems are light in weight, cost effective and user friendly.

M.M. Solar Pvt. Ltd. established in the year 2007 previously known as M.M. Associates, having successful track record of 10 years as dealers and Installers of Solar Energy System. The company is providing dedicated service in the field of solar energy systems. Till date the company has installed over 2500 solar water heating system in the territory having satisfactory performance and after sales service to their esteemed customers.

  M.M. Solar Water Heating System
A solar water heating system consist of solar collector, hot water storage tank & stand for installation.
  ETC based Solar Collector
It collect the heat from solar energy & transfer it to the water present in the ETC tube. It works on the principal of black body heat adsorption
principle & thermosyphon circulation.
  Hot Water Storage Tank
It is an insulated metal tank to store the hot water heated through collector.
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